Thursday, January 06, 2022

CoVID-19: ICYMI California Lowered The Threshold For Mega Events; Expands Boosters To Tw/eens | 1 Year After The Insurrection | Garth Brooks Coming To Petco Park |


Cheetah at San Diego Zoo Safari Park (Taken 12.5.21)

One of my duties for my job is to send out a newsletter with upcoming events. It has also forced me to have to delicately write about our COVID-19 masks, vaccine, and other protocols. So every week for nearly two years I've sent a blast, and since reopening I'll get one or two responses back about how we're not punk rock, that we're sheep, that we're buying into this pandemic nonsense for something no more deadly than a cold. Last I checked 800,000 Americans haven't died of a cold or flu in the past two years. 37,600 Americans have died in the past 28 days. That is not normal. 

But it's my job, right? So I can't be a sassy dick and respond, I usually just file it away or if I'm feeling extra nice, I'll unsubscribe them. But now I'm just irritated that they're too dumb to just click unsubscribe without having to send me some temper tantrum rant about us violating HIPAA or selling out or whatever. The other night, I decided to respond to one such email, "There's an unsubscribe button at the bottom of the email. Peace Out." Of course he couldn't not have the last word and wrote back how he's been a Casbah patron for decades and was the original drummer in a quasi-famous band and it's bad enough we don't allow reggae bands but requiring vaccines or testing is just the worst and the Belly Up doesn't check and he'll never step foot in the venue again. 


So today I wanted to let you know that over the holidays, California changed their definition of "mega events" down from 1000 people to 500 people indoors. I love Pete and Chris and Brit and all my Belly Up peeps, but I've not been there since the pandemic and I don't know what protocols they are following, but what I do know is that after January 15, any event with over 500 attendees is required to verify a one day antigen or a two day PCR test or proof of full vaccination as it is currently defined. I don't know if the original drummer of Moderately Stupid is gonna like that but he is clearly the arbiter of what is 'punk'.

Today was the anniversary of the riots, insurrection, attack, attempted coup, call it what you will on the Capitol. I remember not sleeping a wink on January 5, 2021 because somehow I was getting spam email from Roger Stone and knew things were going to get out of hand, and I just remember watching it all unfold while having my tweetdeck open and seeing thousands of tweets flood my feeds. I guess in anticipation I once again didn't sleep until after Biden gave his speech and I saw that there was no new chaos. 2022 is going to be a crazy fucking year. Buckle up and booster up. 

Stay safe out there. 

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