Friday, March 04, 2011

The Heavy Guilt at the Casbah, 3.3.2011

At last night's Silent Comedy show at the Casbah, I had the sad realization that I'll probably never get new video of the band performing there because their uberfans just won't let anyone pass their inpenetrable wall of elbows. I'm glad the band is loved, but seriously, Josh might have to start looking into restraining orders. I was still happy to be there and enjoy the show from the back. I was especially stoked because I've mentioned The Heavy Guilt a few times over the past year, and to me, they were the perfect fit to open the show. My apologies to the Steelwells, I was TCB and before I realized it, I'd missed the whole set. Sometimes that's the way it goes. Here's a spoiler: The Heavy Guilt is one of the bands I have booked for the main stage of the North Park Festival of Arts on May 15, so stay tuned because you'll be hearing a lot about them from me in the months to come.

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