Sunday, March 06, 2011

Sunset Sessions: Samuel Beam (Iron & Wine), 2.19.2011

It's Sunday afternoon, but when you're up until 6 am, 2pm feels like morning. I'm listening to the Garden State soundtrack (since someone appears to have permanently borrowed my DVD), and Iron & Wine comes on. Then I realized I still have Sunset Sessions videos I haven't shared with you.

Samuel Beam, Sam Beam, Iron & Wine, (whatever) played on Friday night. The crowd was into it and I wish I'd gotten closer so my camera wouldn't have been quite so shaky. I don't know if I mentioned, but Sunset Sessions aren't regular shows. At times it's like a banquet hall with round 8 top tables, other times random seats, other times a couple dozen couches, so there's no "press" area...half the people there are everyone just tries to be respectful with their cameras and some of the showcases were more crowded than others. It was also at the point during the night when some of the drama started happening with the Florida band that I don't really want to write about, so I was distracted and trying to track them down for an interview while Sam Beam played. I was outside when the set finished, and that's where I got my pic with Sam and then proceeded to my interview with the Floridians.

I honestly am not familiar enough with Iron & Wine's music to know if he was there playing new stuff or old stuff or just hoping for another pick-up like the Garden State soundtrack, but he sounded great and I suppose I should delve more into his catalog seeing as the whole bearded boy with guitar seems to be my thing. Or one of my things.

Anyway, here are a couple photos and a video. Click 'keep on reading' for two more videos.

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