Tuesday, March 15, 2011

You Can Wreck My Home Anytime... You Dirty Little Homewreckers...

Give Em Hell

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Okay, so this post isn't going to win me any awards or probably teach you anything new, but If you're new to San Diego, and didn't know, The San Diego Music Award winning duo, Little Hurricane's new record, "Homewrecker" just dropped on itunes and if it doesn't win something at the SDMA's this year, then I'm going to hand them one of mine. (I'm just a pussy-lipped singer/songwriter with open mic generics anyways...) I've already listened to the album thrice, and my ears won't quit making out with my headphones. @LILHURRY's frontman, Tone, has a voice that is about ready to explode, and if you haven't met CC, then you've possibly missed the hottest drummer San Diego's ever known. (I'm totally gonna research chick drummers in SD and do a post on it... so feel free to nominate the hottest chick drummers in the "comments" section.

The best way to describe their sound is to say that they're a mix of dirty blues and california surf. They're similar to the Black Keys, White Stripes, or Cage the Elephant, but with Jon Foreman's (Switchfoot) voice. The album is wicked consistent with great songs like "Sweet Pea", "Homewrecker" and "Give Em Hell". They are a "MUST SEE" whenever they're in town and they'll be playing at SXSW 3 or 4 times this week. (You can see where on their myspace.) They are having their album release at the Casbah on April 2nd with Get Back Loretta, River City, and Low Volts. (Why it's not a "Featured" concert is beyond me... get with it, Casbah...) (9:00 start time, buy your tickets before it sells out.) (Also... if you guys want me to play a tambourine or sell merch... I will... seriously...)

I only have a small critique on the album. I've seen them play live 3 or 4 times, and I know Tone can go off even bigger on his vocals than he showed on these tracks. I would have loved to sit in the studio with them and have him scream into the mic so that it ruined his voice for a month and a half. I feel like he held a little bit of the dirtiness back, but on the other hand, CC did do a great job on her vocals. (I know that's kind of a critique, but I'm a pitch guy, ask Holslin... and even perfect 10's can miss a note or two...)

If they don't follow this album with a live record, I will go on a hunger strike and camp outside of the San Diego Zoo flinging poo at people. (That one was for you, Rosey... You go to the San Diego Zoo too much... Me and Tim Pyles both agree. I'm also not mad that you didn't invite me to SXSW, but still asked me to write in the blog. Whatever.) I'm gonna go ahead and call it now- when their live record comes out, it better win a SDMA or I'll give them my other one.

This album and band are so good, Seth Combs would probably clap once or twice.

*no homes were wrecked during the writing of this blog

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