Tuesday, April 26, 2011

The Devil Whale + The Head and the Heart @ Casbah- 04.24.11

Last Sunday the Casbah was treated to and evening of folk-rock jams courtesy of The Devil Whale and The Head and the Heart. More after the jump.

Given that they had sold out the previous evening's show in LA, chances were good that Sunday night's bill would attract a solid crowd. That a significant number of people unable to attend Saturday's show decided to make the trek down to SD for the opportunity to catch these two bands was quite unexpected. As was the case, the Casbah was near capacity before Salt Lake City locals The Devil Whale finished their set and it was shoulder-to-shoulder by the time Seattle's The Head and The Heart took the stage. Both bands share a similar sound, relying on vocal harmonies and layered melodies to carry a room-filling sound punctuated by bass and guitar rhythms and a hefty dose of good old foot stompin'.

The Devil Whale:

The Head and the Heart:

For more from the evening click here and the rest of my concert pix here.
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