Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Reading Rainbow + The Dodos @ Casbah- 04.09.11

This past Saturday night a sold out Casbah welcomed The Dodos back to SD for the last night of their tour with drum and guitar duo Reading Rainbow. More after the jump.

If there's only two bands playing a night at the Casbah, chances are the opener is worth checking out and Philadelphia's garage pop rockers Reading Rainbow did not disappoint. Touring for their recently released full length Prism Eyes, the pair's rhythmic sounds coupled with dual vocals played well to those who made the right choice to show up early.

Reading Rainbow:

Usually a dynamic duo, The Dodos were a touring trio as the spiraled their way through the western states, into Vancouver and down to Southern California. Meric Long and Logan Kroeber were accompanied by an additional guitarist to help generate some of the more intricate layering heard on their new release No Color. After the slight hiccup that was 2009's Time To Die, No Color brings them back to the sound they crafted on 2008's Visiter- heavy on some serious drum and guitar rhythms. Having played a mix of their past three albums at their last show in SD (Sezio's exceptional Four-Day Weekend at Sushi Arts), they stuck almost specifically to new material this time around. Those in attendance benefited from being at the end of the twenty three stop tour as The Dodos ripped through an hour+ of flawlessly executed songs and even indulged the crowd for a two-song encore before packing everything up for a well deserved trip home.

The Dodos:

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