Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Dynamite Walls Tour Diary

Never having any musical talents of my own, the closest I've ever come to "touring" would probably be my college soccer and tennis days. But waking up for 7:30 a.m. matches is certainly light years away from hitting clubs and playing and partying and just the adventures that come with traversing the country. That's probably why I love tour diaries... Tristen Prettyman has some good ones, so does Transfer.

I got a call from Tom Pritchard of Dynamite Walls who was calling from New Orleans and wanted me to share the band's tour diary with the readers of SD:Dialed In. You might recall from some of my past entries that they bought a biodiesel bus and road tested it in the fall. They're back on the road and you can check out the first three of their videos here. To follow along as they continue on their tour, you can subscribe to their videos here. And of course, you can always visit their MySpace page here.

Safe journeys! Catch them when they return home in February for a big show at the Belly Up on February 17.

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