Thursday, January 03, 2008

New Years Eve 2007/ New Years Day 2008

By sunrise, everyone was gone and I spent the day preparing for New Year's Eve, stocking up on some beer and some mixers, cleaning, and just relaxing. Which was just what I needed before the big night ahead.

When it was finally time to leave the house, I saw Matt through the window at Bleu Boheme, so I had to say hi and have one of his delicious vodka mojitos, which was the perfect drink to start my night. Poor Matt, however, was slammed while simultaneously being hit on by every guy at the bar, so I finished my drink and promised to come by again later.

After the drink, it was Ken Club time. The bar was packed because the band side wasn't open yet, but I made my way over there after procuring a drink, because Brett wanted me to take pics of the room. I've been saying how Bodie has been fixing up the bar lately. He started on the bar side with the floors and replacing the vinyl along the bar, a couple weeks ago he had new booths put in the band room, and he's working on the floors at the moment, but I was so stunned at how pretty the room looked since over the prior week, he'd painted it a warm shade of red. I got to taking pics right away.

The bar was still a little too crowded, so a friend and I decided to go back to Bleu Boheme for another drink there. I guess the time was passing faster than I thought. I didn't realize we'd take so long, so I'm sorry we ended up missing Get Back Loretta entirely. Vitro had canceled because the drummer was stuck in a midwest snowstorm, so we arrived in time to see Microphone Mike who pretty much kicks ass on stage, schtick or not.

I didn't bust out the camera too much during the show, but there was a lovely midnight toast, then Transfer hit the stage and brought it down. I thought it was funny how many people were racing to be somewhere else after midnight, like there was this frenzy to get somewhere better. I, on the other hand, was exactly where I wanted to be.

Transfer played pretty much right up until last call, and afterward the band and a bunch of friends came over to my cozy apartment where we drank for a bit. Then everyone headed off to Black Box, but I opted to stay home. Todd came over from the bar as everyone was leaving and we chilled out for a bit watching tv. He had to work at the bar in the morning, so we crashed out and he was off to work a few hours later. The result of my late night was a chill out day. I woke up early and cleaned up the house a bit, then crawled right back into bed.

Later, my parents picked me up and we went to PB to hang with my sis and bro, and of course, Johanna, who was all giggles. I couldn't have asked for a better way to spend the end of one great year and to start off another.

Happy New Year, Party People


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