Sunday, January 06, 2008

The Silent Comedy, Beauty Bar, 1/4/08

What a great weekend, huh? Good music, good times, and a Chargers win.

Even though there were only 3 workdays last week, it was a tough workweek, trying to catch up and get some serious projects done, so come Friday night, I was ready to let loose. I knew that wouldn't be a challenge with The Silent Comedy playing at the Beauty Bar. San Diego is full of plenty of talented bands, but there are a handful who just feel like a party when they're onstage. The Swedish Models, Delta Spirit and Society! come to mind, but I think The Silent Comedy top the list. They're constantly switching up instruments, lead vocals are rotated, and their look and sound make you wanna walk into the saloon and order a whiskey up. I was just bummed that the set was so short. The band played some older tunes, and two from their forthcoming EP- Gasoline, which they also played at the last Casbah show (it's on my YouTube) and 49, which they debuted live on Friday.

The Silent Comedy Setlist, Beauty Bar, 1-4-08

The night was also the final 'Feel The Noise' night for Gabe Vega and Saul before they head off to U-31, so there were a lot of people just there to show their love for what they've been doing at Beauty Bar for the last couple years.

After the band finished, I was on my way back to Kensington. I met up with Adam and we went to the bar in hopes of catching Cabron, but they had already finished, so we just chilled at the bar till closing time, which was nice because it was mellow there. Not a bad way to finish the night.

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