Sunday, January 20, 2008

Friday Recap: Shuffleboard Showdown, Drew Andrews, UBUV

After returning to work on Friday, I was still feeling kinda weak, so I took a nap after work and was planning on sleeping right up until I was going to head to the Whistle Stop. That plan changed when I woke up to my mom's voice yelling into my voicemail that I hadn't answered her calls all day and was I ok. It was kinda funny, actually, but being awakened from my nap gave me the momentum to get ready early and go catch up with the Shuffleboard Showdown, which was already at the Jewel Box. Frank won the first game at Downtown Johnny Brown's and the competition was entertaining to the rest of us who were there to witness. I never realized how long one game can go. We were there for a while, until eventually Larry took game 2.

From the Jewel Box we went to Hamilton's which was pretty crowded so our group was spread out in the bar. There was some dude- I guess he gave up the shuffleboard for them- but he thought that gave him the right to dictate the rules and then he talked shit about how long they were taking. Other than the ass, Hamilton's was a good time.

It was getting late, so I said my goodbyes and went to the Whistlestop. Drew Andrews was already playing, so I grabbed a drink and maneuvered around the side to get up close. Unfortunately from where I was, my camera just wasn't doing very well focusing, so I only got a couple decent shots. Drew sounded great and the full band helped drown the Whistlestop talkers. I'm really looking forward to his record coming out and hopefully he'll get a handful of shows in before he heads off to tour Europe later this spring.

Youtube of Drew covering "Send Me An Angel"

After the band I hung for a little while then headed back to my hood. Over at the Ken Club, the last band was finishing up. They're called UBUV and were really cool. Maybe a little more Kava Lounge than Ken Club, but interesting. I don't know how to describe the music...definite Eastern influences with their instrumentation, complete with a couple belly dancers, all backed with a DJ on turntables. I would definitely check out the band again. Plus, the Belly Dancers had live snakes which you just don't see very often.

Finally it was time for my night to be done so I came home and went to sleep. I woke up to a text message from Larry, who informed me that he took the shuffleboard championship in 5 games. I'm ready for them to have a ping pong tournament myself...I'll take them all.

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