Saturday, January 19, 2008

Tonight's Silverbird Show is on at Heavy Press

While I haven't gathered more info on the situation over at Scolari's I have been informed that tonight's show has found a new home.

River City, Silverbird, and Red Feathers will now be playing at Heavy Press, 2312 El Cajon Blvd. Because Heavy Press is a print shop, the show is now open to all ages (though grownups can BYOB). Plan on getting there around 9-ish.

The bonus is that the print shop has this wood on the walls that should really complement the organic sounds of these amazing bands. I know there's a lot going on tonight, but if you haven't checked out Silverbird and Red Feathers, this would be a great place to finally do it, and while I haven't seen River City, they sound awesome, too. (Hear them on MySpace) Plus, who isn't a fan of bands playing in non-traditional venues every once in a while?

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