Thursday, January 17, 2008

Chargers Mania

The Chargers' big game is on Sunday in New England. While everyone is getting all caught up in the crazies sports mania, you might've noticed an event in my listings at the House of Blues on Friday. I have more info on that, so I thought I'd repost here in case any of you psychos want to get up at the ass crack of dawn tomorrow morning.

XX Sports Radio 1090am and 105.7fm's Scott and BR, Live and Wired

Join us this Friday at the House of Powder Blues for a live broadcast and early morning party. There will be live music, contests, prizes, food and drink specials with surprise guests.

We will also have live performances by Skanic and Bolts Idol winner, Marcus Preciado. Help us send our team off as they travel to take on a soon to be defeated New England Patriots. Get out of bed early and kickoff your playoff weekend.

Doors open at 5:45am.

For those that missed it, last week San Diego's own Brad Bohensky (drummer of Transit War) and Chris Armes (former frontman of Agent 51) stepped into the XX Sports Radio show on 1090am and 105.7fm. Brad not only called the score of 28-24 Chargers, but took third in the Bolts Idol contest. Brad and Chris entered the Frightening Lightning song into the contest with a chance to win a paid trip to last weeks playoff game. When asked his prediction this week for Chargers vs. Patriots and he said 31-21 Chargers. Lets all rally starting tomorrow morning bright and early at the House of Powder Blues downtown on 5th ave.


andrea said...

Love your non-music posts like this, Rosey. Wish I would have seen this yesterday, though! I woke up at 5am this morning and couldn't get back to sleep till 6... Now I know why-- cause there was a party going down just a few miles away from me with food and drink specials. My aura felt it... Hope you're feeling better.

Lazy John said...

The Chargers will do better than people think. They may not win, but they won't embarrass themselves.