Friday, January 18, 2008

All Scolari's Shows Cancelled This Weekend (Or moved to other venues)

I haven't had the chance to talk to T-Bone yet, but I've been notified that Scolari's has had to cancel all shows this weekend and Monday. Apparently the cabaret license expired and it was either not paid or the county just didn't get it in time. Either way, it appears to have nothing to do with the recent sale of the bar and shows are expected to resume once the bar can settle the error with the county after the holiday weekend. (or city?- not really sure whose domain that falls in).

Regardless, the result is that the two touring bands that were supposed to play there tonight- Ice Age Cobra and Rusty Sherrif’s Badge- have been moved to Chaser's; Firethorn is canceled. I'll get a better grip on the situation tonight and update with the rest of the shows that were planned when I get the info.

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