Thursday, January 03, 2008

Creedle Reunion Show at Casbah w/ Bunky, 12/30/07

I was kinda feeling lazy and was just gonna stay home, but after a few text messages from friends at the Casbah and I couldn't resist the peer pressure (you know, the whole promise of good friends, good drinks and good bands always gets me). Once I arrived, however, I was still kinda lazy and longing for my pajamas, so I sat with my friends at the back bar while the first two bands played until I felt my second wind kick in, and by that time, Bunky hit the stage.

Emily has one of the sweetest voices in San Diego, and the fact that she's always laughing and joking and giggling onstage, makes her so endearing, even when she thinks she's mauling a new song. The horn section separates the band from most others, and with Rafter on guitar, you've got a sure fire crowd pleasin' band with the batch of us in the front all singing and bopping along to the music.

After Bunky is was all fun on the smoking patio and in the Atari Lounge. There was this kinda atmosphere of the changing of the guard...a lot of old school Creedle fans probably back at the Casbah for the first time in a decade and those of us who maybe caught Creedle at some all ages show when we were 17 who are now regulars at the bar. It was quite fun, actually, and not an us vs. them feeling at all. I still have to point out, I was surprised the Casbah wasn't completely sold out.

Creedle killed it onstage, though I can't really say how this show compared to those of the past because I maybe only ever saw them twice before, but they had fun onstage and the crowd was vibing off the energy (and possibly by the overconsumption of booze in the pre-New Years energy in the air.)

The bar didn't kick everyone out immediately after the show, but when it was finally time to leave, my friends and I headed back to my house and stayed up until we couldn't stay up no more.

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