Saturday, January 19, 2008

Help Blowupnihilist

MySpace and the Internet are supposed to make the world smaller, right?

Well, we in San Diego love Prize Country, so any friends of theirs are friends of ours. And their friends need help. This is a repost of a repost (the first part is from Prize Country, the second from Blowupnihilist. If you've got a couple bucks to spare, Consider sending it their way.

My good ol' pal Andre (and co) have had a bit of misfortune, to say the least, and need some help. Dig deep and pull something together for the man and his band - this is the guy will be responsible for changing the world.


Saturday night at around 5:57pm in a snowstorm on I-84 Eastbound; on the way to a show in Boise later that evening, my van flipped and rolled three times.

In the vehicle were myself (Andre), David Mullis and Jon Wayne Rebello; tour manager and Roadie extraordinar, respectively.
Doing 40mph in the right hand lane we felt the rear end swerve to the right, I turned into the slide, it slowly shifted to the left and then we were sliding on black ice in the middle of the two lanes going straight. Things seemed to be doing well. Suddenly the rear spun around which had us sliding backwards to which we then flipped and rolled three times into the ditch in the center of both lanes.

Windows busted out; snow was inside; most of the gear was destroyed or damaged; including a lot of the merch I just had made for this tour; personal belongings, etcetera. We three however are alive. Thank fuck.

The van is totaled and bills are at upwards of $6,000.

To some this might not be that big a deal. I however don't make that much in a single year. Disabled cats like myself seldom do. Tour is over.

Though I hate this to sound like a handout, I've known this to work for some bands/people at times of crisis like this; so I've set up a paypal account (at) in hopes to possibly help recover some of the loss. God damn it, that's just what it looks like as I type this.

I've got over 6,200 "friends" on this social culture/teen popularity site, and if half of them sent $1.00 or so, things would be much better for the future of Blowupnihilist. As of now, live performances and recordings aren't happening.

Sending more, I'd include copies of my new periodical (and/or) my CD's I have left, tee-shirts and other weird shit I know you'd love.

If you don't feel like 'donating' Relapse and Interpunk have several copies of my album still available.

The paypal is simple, just go on, choose make a payment, enter the e-mail address, select "service/other" and whatever you want to donate. Just think of it as buying a couple drinks for a friend in need.

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