Monday, June 16, 2008


Thursday night. Gettin off work off work a little early (11:30 p.m.) hmm... looks like I can catch Crystal Castles show afterall. Arrive at Casbah. Stroll into back bar. Sweet! Ben bartending and Rosie at bar. Greetings. Beverages. Smoking patio. They're playing Crimewave and killing it! Lights, cameras flashing... action on dance floor.
Rosie: "shit, Tim needs me to sell merch tomorrow but I'm outa town"
(thinkin I'm broker than ever before)" i'll do it..."
Rosie text confirms with Tim. It's set. Done. Cool! I'll let Rosie give her rundown of this show as she mentioned she would, but let me just say that some of the funnest shows I've been to at Casbah have been the electro shows. Everybody in the house dancing out of control AND singing along...last show I saw like this was when Hotchip played almost a year ago. And I swear that night I saw everyone from Halloran to the barbacks and doorguys bobbing their heads in unison... more on that at another time. An excursion to Spruce St. suspension bridge with CC's mgr and we're back at Rosies as I'll give her a ride to her rental car in the a.m. I've never heard of the headliner for tomorrow and just have to find out who it is. Force Rosie do drag out her laptop at 4:30 am. Oh. Hip-Hop show. MCs part of Mickey Avalon's crew. Aaight then!

Friday night. Arrive at Casbah at exactly 8pm as required. DJ/Mgr wants to soundcheck before we do count-out of merch. During soundcheck, Dirt Nasty: " she thinks I'm an asshole cuz ah can't eat 'er out without using tabasco..." I thought that was pretty-fuckn-funny and couldn't wait to hear the rest of the song/set. Got merch set out and am ready to go. First two MCs Celcius and Beardo play short yet enertaining sets. The crowd is now ready for headliners Andre Legacy and Dirt Nasty. And the crowd, to describe it, consider that the last time Mickey Avalon and crew came to SD they played at belo in the gaslamp. Got an idea? Oh shit, wait there's my jam, "fell in love wit a gangsta bitch... she thinks I'm an asshole cuz ah can't..." (as above). Love that shit! Much love to Porter for hunting down a half-eaten sandwich for me midshow--ever have two cups strong ass house coffee on empty stomach and proceed to chain smoke while confined to standing at a 2 by 3 foot slab of space at a busy rock venue? Red-light. Its a no-go! I really enjoyed myself with the crowd and staff and the audience seemed pleased and left statisfied with a good show. I settled out with Kevin the mgr/DJ. The group did well with merch sales. I was paid and he thanked me for my services with both an Andre Legacy and Dirt Nasty CD. I would have been listening to it as I wrote this but I gave the 'Nasty CD to Banjo Matt for his b-day bbq on saturday. Oh c'mon, I got him a bottle of scotch too! I hung out for a bit afterwards with the staff and shot the shit... Fun fun.

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