Friday, June 27, 2008

Off The Grid/Newsy Bits

I know my posting has been really limited this week and honestly, readers might not even care, but I hate not writing because then all that stuff just sticks in my brain in the form of self-dialog chatter and then everything I do or say becomes diluted. But, it hasn't been for nothing- I've been busy.

I mentioned the shows I did last weekend. This week started with Anti-Monday League at the Casbah (with one of my favorite performances by a band this year), babysat for the guitarist of Boris on Tuesday, went to a private performance by Ingrid Michaelson at the House of Blues, celebrating the one year anniversary of Radio Sophie (103.7) before seeing the full concert with opener Greg Laswell, and closing the night out at the Ken Club. Then last night I worked for The Album Leaf at the Belly Up, peddling goods to the crowd, breaking my personal record for amount of merch sold in one night and dampening the pain of all the money I lost/spent in Vegas last week. It has been a great week but I'm really looking forward to resting, reading, writing, and cleaning my house which has been completely neglected since I've been home.

I do have a couple newsy things that I wanted to mention and will hopefully be able to go into some depth about at a later time, but for inquiring minds:
  • Rumor round town is that Sunday is the last official night for the Zombie Lounge. I mentioned the bar was sold to Chris, owner of Kadan, a few weeks ago. The sale is complete, Zombie will be no more. There will be a private party on Monday for Zombie regulars, then the bar will close for about 3 weeks for renovations and a makeover. All signs point to the new Radio Room continuing as a music venue and Chris has been around a long time (Brick By Brick, Kadan) so I trust he won't let us down.
  • Drew Andrews (musician, artist, writer, doorguy) has been signed! He's going to be on Minty Fresh and is really excited about what the future holds for him with this relationship. He's performing with Rocky Votolato and Owen at the Casbah on July 23. I think I might buy all of his hand-sewn EPs then resell them on eBay. kidding. But pick one up while you still can.
  • Last, I keep talking about a BBQ at my house on Saturday. Team Abraham, Hotel St. George and The Stereotypes are all playing at the Ken Club on Saturday night, so the boys of Team Abraham designated my backyard as the pre-party spot (and probably expect a post-party, too.) It's a DIY thing- we'll have the grill going, Abraham will make some of his amazing smoked pepper salsa, and I'll buy a kilo or two of tortillas, but if you wanna come, bring food for grilling and booze/beer for sharing. I live 2 blocks from the Ken, and about a mile in either direction of Beauty Bar and Zombie Lounge, so even if you're not doing the Ken Club, it would be nice to see everyone for a bit. E-mail if you need my address. We'll get the Q going around 5 pm.

Happy Friday and I'll be catching up soon. xoxo. (Happy Birthday, Ryan!)

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