Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Radio Days

I don't know how Rosey could stand it. Vegas was 115 in the day, 95 at night. People who live there might be insane, people who visit are definitely insane. And, as if the world wanted me to really get in touch with my inner Mojave, a big rig flipped over as I was leaving so I was stuck between Vegas and Primm, moving thirty miles in two-and-a-half hours, trying to think of new derogatory names for 'Zonies. I hate freaking 'Zonies.

Anyhow, Gregory Page is releasing his album All Make Believe, this Saturday (6/28) at Lestat's, hope to see you there. The Wrong Trousers and Erika Davies will be in the mix, as well as Joanie Mendenhall who will be playing a short set.

Here's some video from the interview Gregory did on These Days with Tom Fudge at KPBS, a few weeks ago.


Speaking of radio, check out the George (the Great) Varga's Sign on Radio internet program Fill in the Blank. There are interviews with Gregory & Joanie there, most recently with Jimmy LaValle from the Album Leaf. I'll be a guest next week, autobiographically charting my musical history. Think Django, The Cardigans, and Tchaikovsky etc.


by Mario S. said...

Tom Fudge shout out WOO WOO!

Lazy John said...

When I first moved back here from Arizona, I kept my out-of-state tags until they expired, and I loved it when it pissed off the "locals" (most of whom had less time in CA than I did and/or weren't local at all). I knew where all the good parking spots in PB were, and PB rats couldn't stand it. Any time some knucklehead called me a Zonie, I shouted back that I'd lived here longer than they were alive and that he should go back into his mother's womb. I especially loved it when people who'd just moved here from Wisconsin told me to "goh beeak to Errizohna."

Arizonans call out-of-staters who come there in the wintertime "snowbirds." Perhaps we should call them "sun roaches" when they come here.