Saturday, June 21, 2008

Political Satire

I'm bunkered in my apartment, trying to keep it as dark and cool as possible, and trying wrap my head around the fact that my vacation time is almost over, then it's nose to the grindstone once again. I came across this lovely little video via a fellow twitterer and I thought I'd share it. If you're opposed to vulgarity, skip this video.


Lazy John said...

It was 16 years ago and it was an argument between a husband and a wife. Who cares?

I understand the point, though - had it been Barack Obama, it would have been all over the news.

Lazy John said...

Also, good for your for disabling anonymous comments. Fuck those gutless jerks.

Unknown said...

I care. It's nice to know that McCain feels perfectly fine calling his wife a cunt. I mean, if he's calling the person he wants to spend the rest of his life with names, imagine what he calls his fellow senators . . . Oh wait, we don't have to imagine! Plus we don't need to be further reminded that our future president might be just a little bit misogynistic.