Monday, June 16, 2008

Good things happen when you leave the house... (Whistlestop 6.20, Casbah 6.14)

... so don't miss your chance to be at the Whistlestop this Friday, June 20th when two talented and beautiful ladies play at Troy Johnson's release party for his new book, "Family Outing." Joanie Mendenhall and Angela Correa, partners in crime from the Low Standards, will be playing full sets with their respective bands featuring material from both of their forthcoming albums. It might also be your last chance to get a copy of their sexy, silkscreened, seven-inch, split-sided single that they put out in April.

For me, it's been a good two weeks of self-imposed house arrest since coming back from Sasquatch. I've been diligently preparing like I haven't done since I was in high school for next weekend when I'll be trading places with Rosey out in Vegas to work with the Killers. But, I finally got out this week to remind myself what I'm going to miss so much about being in San Diego.

Met up with Kevin Gossett, who celebrated his birthday at the Starlite Lounge this past Saturday. After paying my respects (and being in awe of how many good looking people Kevin is friends with), I made my way over to the Casbah to watch the Cheap Leis, River City, and Bartender's Bible. I've never seen the Cheap Leis so at home and effective on stage. You would think that Tiki Tuesdays at the Pink Elephant would be the perfect place for them, but for whatever reason, every joke hit, every song swung, and folks were truly appreciative of the goofy Hawaiian magic that makes the Cheap Leis so great. I was so happy to see so many people I haven't seen in a while, Saba down from the morass of LA, Mindy out of Africa, and Ashley and John from River City, playing in the Atari Lounge.


Bartender's Bible closed out the night and I remember not being able to see them a few times when the Exfriends played with them at the Whistlestop before I turned 21 and could only put my nose up to the glass to hear the highs and lows of their set. There's a foreboding, moody quality woven into their familiar and comfortable country tunes that I enjoy. And still, I found an easy dance partner in Ashley Alma, neither of us knowing how to dance (and there were folks there who knew how to dance), but didn't feel the least bit out of place. I don't remember the last time I had that good a time at the Casbah.

Check out the Box Elders currently on tour from Omaha, Nebraska. I caught their set at my first Swami Mass yesterday, which was swami-less unfortunately. The Box Elders hearken back to 60s power pop and 70s punk rock, mixing the two in their live set replete with fire-shooting guitars, a keyboardist/drummer with a nasty Leslie setup. I'm going to have to start bringing a camera around, like Rosey, so people don't think I"m making shit up.

See you at the Whistlestop on Friday...


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