Monday, June 30, 2008

Johanna's Baptism 6.22.08

Last Sunday, my niece Johanna was baptized at St. Brigid's Catholic Church in Pacific Beach. I promised my family and our friends and guests (particularly those from out of town) that I would post some of the pictures here. Because it's my site and I can do what I want. :)

I was raised Catholic, but after they asked my mom to pull me from CCD for "asking too many questions", let's just say I broke up with religion. Or it broke up with me. Since then, I've been to church only a handful of times, mainly for weddings, a couple funerals, and a few baptisms. I was greeted by this bumper sticker to remind me why I have no religion.
This is my god brother Johnny and his girlfriend Erika on the left, and Brie and Jasmyne on the right. I love the look of mischief.

Here's my sister, brother in law and of course, Johanna. And then the required group family shot with the new Godparents, my cousin Connie and Billy's buddy Tom.

Jasmyne is such a pretty little girl. It's hard to believe that just a few months ago, she was attacked by a pit bull and had stitches all over her nose, chin, and lips.
The picture on the right was this awesome slip and slide that these guys at Kate Sessions Park had set up. Apparently they do this frequently, because groups of people showed up with bathing suits to join in on the fun. A couple guys were going down the slope on surfboards and bodyboards which was especially cool to see.

Johanna was allowed to attack a cupcake. Or rather, it attacked her. But a couple wipees later, and she was back all smiles.

The babies got in a round of infant wrestling. Shortly after this picture, Luciana took Johanna down. We now have Johanna on weights so she'll be ready next time. And last, here's Valentina with a PB&J face.

It was a very good day. Kate Sessions has got to be one of my favoite parks in San Diego and the weather was perfect (and a nice break from the heat wave.) I think I might have to join the slip and sliders one of these days.

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