Sunday, June 29, 2008

Knott's Berry Farm

I'm gonna try and get some of my pictures posted (finally). The first two are from our drive back from Vegas. Johanna is playing with the shoes I bought at the Primm Outlet Center (the best outlets I've ever been to) and the second is the "world's tallest thermometer", located in Baker, California. Did I mention it was insanely hot?

That night we checked in to Harrah's Rincon Casino and the next day drove up to Knott's Berry Farm. I hadn't been in many years, but it was really fun, despite the heat. It was way better than Disneyland in so many ways. Far more trees, better rides, and with our discount, it was $22 to get in, compared to the $66 per person for Disneyland.

Claudia and I started on the Silver Bullet, which is this rollercoaster that twists and turns, going upside down about 6 times. It was dizzying, but really fun, but it threw Claudia off a bit so we had to take it easy and met up with my mom and sister at Camp Snoopy for a while.
We did the log ride, the new Pony Express, the Perilous Plunge, a couple others, caught a Snoopy on ice show, and finished the day with one more go on the Silver Bullet.

We came back to San Diego, dropping my mom in Temecula, then I took my sister home, dropped off my stuff at my place, then took the car back to Fox car rentals which happens to be adjacent to the Casbah, so I walked over and caught the end of The Blakes set and got a ride home from Justin, the soundguy. I was sad that there really wasn't a crowd a the Casbah because for the half set that I saw, The Blakes sounded really great and I'm hoping they'll come back so I can check them out again.


Unknown said...

what discount gets $22 tickets to Knotts? I'm going this Sunday and would love to find out. Thanks

Rosemary Bystrak said...

My parents have a daycare; I believe that the discount coupons are sent to educational facilities. I will try and hunt them down and see if I can find anything similar online, but I would probably try local hotels as they usually offer California discounts or if you have kids, a local YMCA might have something.

Or, e-mail me at if you're in San Diego, I can see if my parents have any more of the discount coupons.