Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Datarock & Ladytron. Belly Up. 5.31.08

Did I mention I went to see Datarock and Ladytron at the Belly Up on Saturday? Datarock proved to be as awesome as before, red sweatsuits and all. They killed the crowd with faves like "Fa fa fa" and um, is that song called 1984? Whatever. Even me, the non-dancer, found myself dancing and singing away.

I was way into Datarock. Then Ladytron came out, and I don't know if the darkness of the music just put me in a dark place or what, but I thought they would deliver a more upbeat show. Perhaps if I'd listened to the new album more closely, I would've known to expect a heavy set, but this was the one night ever that I thought I'd be dancing and the music never put me there. Maybe I need to be a little more goth.

The other thing was that I found out that the band wanted no photos. Um, Belly Up, I took some anyway. The place was all dark save for their beatiful light boxes, which of course were synchronized to the music. Honestly, now in retrospect, I think it was all me. I wanted happy dancey shit, and instead it was dark and heavy. Still, perhaps 'dancey' for some, but I wanted way more energy from the band, perhaps to equalize the sold out Belly Up crowd.

All was good, however. I found some friends outside while Dagart danced his socks off inside. It was really a great night and after the Belly Up, we had time to chill and then make our way back south to the Ken where we got sufficiently enebriated and I could just walk my way back home. A successful night, indeed.

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