Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Note to self

I intended to do my listings tonight, however, I'm babysitting the 4 year old daughter of the guitarist of Boris at the moment and don't know how late my night will go. Tomorrow is Ingrid & Greg, Thursday I'll either be at the Belly Up with the Album Leaf or at Beauty Bar for The Hectors, so hopefully somewhere in there I'll get to doing them.

I also have lots of pics to post/words to write from the things that have been keeping me busy since Thursday:
- Knott's Berry Farm
- The Blakes @ Casbah
- Sea Wolf, Jealous Girlfriends, & Patrick Park @ Casbah
- The Long & Short of It @ Casbah
- Nurses & Idiot Pilot @ Beauty Bar
- Johanna's Baptism @ St Brigid's
- Oxford Collapse, Frightened Rabbit, Austin James Band @ Casbah

I think the band is back, so I better get going. Even with added contributors, it's occurred to me that I only post about 10% of the press releases I get, and I have stockpiled quite a bit of music that I would love to have the time to listen to. Not sure what to do to remedy the situation. Maybe I'll just always be behind. Ah well, life is good. Can't complain about too much music, right?

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