Monday, June 09, 2008

Thursday Nite Thing & Annuals

Thursday Night I was ready to get out and take in some bands. My night started at TNT at the Museum of Contemporary Art San Diego. Natalie and I carpooled downtown and got there really early, thinking that with just one band, they would play early, but we found out there was an opener and The Silent Comedy wasn't playing until 9:15.
The alcohol sponsor for the night was a new collection of flavored rums, but I really prefer my drinks to not be flavored. The black cherry cokes were too sweet. We made soaps at one of the display tables then waited for the music. It was
a really beautiful night and unfortunately I forgot the name of the band- I think it was Green Switch? (Correction: band is called Green Pitch) I can't find them online, so if anyone knows, please email me. They're from Denmark and apparently the singer is studying at UCSD and has been here for about a year. She had a sweet voice that reminded me of Frente; Natalie suggested Lisa Loeb? Here's a song performed in Danish(though the rest of the set was in English)

By the time Silent Comedy came onstage, we were kinda stressing about getting to the Beauty Bar ontime, so we compromised and watched most of the set, but left before the last song, which was good because by the time we got to Beauty Bar, both openers were done. The Silent Comedy killed, as they always do, so we made sure to stay for "Bones" and the big "I am alright!" singalong, then we took off.

We completely missed Frantic Romantic and SayVinyl, which was really unfortunate. I'm gonna do a birthday show in Sepetmber and I'm hoping to get both of them to play so we'll see about that...

Anyway, we got there in time to catch all of Annuals set and their stage energy is so great. Actually, I'd say that's true for the whole band except Anna, who really looks like she couldn't be bothered. It wasn't until their last song that I actually saw her smile- but the rest of the band- happy as hell to play. Their set was over by about 11:20 which was a bit of a bummer, because the whole show should've been pushed back a little bit, but it was all good.

After the show there was this green light on the dancefloor that just made my eyes trip out; I couldn't adjust my eyes, so Jeff, Daniel, Abraham and I decided to go to the Ken. Earthless was playing so it was really loud, but we had fun just hanging out at the bar and making fun of the really drunk guy who they kicked out for groping some girl. He had a broken foot and hobbled around telling everyong they're not metal. He was entertaining to say the least and it was a fun way to bring out night to an end.

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