Wednesday, June 11, 2008

FM 94/9 Independence Jam pt 2

By this point at Indie Jam, it was around 2:30. The Ting-Tings were finishing up their set, I ran into Tim and asked if he could get me an extra credential, so I followed him up the steps and he got me a Casbah stage pass from Porter. It wasn't really necessary, but it gave me leverage to befriend the security up top and I eventually talked to his supervisor who gave us clearance to use the photo barrier for the local stage. Most large shows that I've been to usually have an entrance for photos and one for backstage areas. For some reason, the entrance to get to the photo section of both stages was the same as the backstage area and this caused some confusion, but at least we worked it out up top.

The Blackout Party sounded great and looked perfect, too. Tim was a total rockstar in his wifebeater and aviators as he played his instruments, and Brian was rocking an Obama shirt and the sky made his blue eyes piercing (when he finally took off his shades). Everyone else rocked out, too, though Jake didn't bust another hole in his snare like last time I saw him, fortunately.

After three songs I chilled in the tent for the local stage as more of the bands unloaded, then made my way back to the mainstage for The Whigs. Of all the bands I saw, I was probably least familiar with their music. This was when the mainstage security snafu happened, but Tim worked it out, then later Owen, so I took some quick pics and got out.

There were signs for beer sampling from 3-4p, so Natalie and I walked across the football field to the main beer garden and enjoyed $1 samples of beer and sparks and Velvet and Kristian came to find us. We found a spot on the grass and drank samples until The Whigs finished. From the lawn, we just took everything in, looking at everyone laying on blankets, listening to The Whigs power through their set until the end.

This is where I should say that it's clear people enjoy these events in a million different ways. Some people listened to the music intently, maintaining their spots at the mainstage barrier all day long. Others hang back, minimally clothed, sunbathing while the music played in the background. Some danced, some played hacky sack or frisbee, some hang out to just see one band, and some just drink all day long. Personally, running around, taking pictures, saying hi to friends, being backstage or in a VIP tent, having cold beer...these all make up the ways I enjoyed this event. Just like some people's ideal vacation is a deserted beach in Hawaii, mine is a busy week in a big city where you need 2 days after the vacation just to get back to your real life. Neither is better or worse, just different. With that, The Whigs finished, and it was back up the stairs for Kill Me Tomorrow.

Watching them, I wondered how with all the local shows I go to, I've never seen them. Maybe the band's name sounded too emo for me to even try but they were anything but emo and they played a great set. I promise I will definitely see them again when I can.

I had a beer with Blackout Party and the rest of the bands milling around until I heard the first notes of MgmT and I was off super quick to get to see my band of the day.

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