Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Sigur Ros Canceled?

Rumors are that Sigur Ros canceled their appearance in Tijuana that was scheduled for Sunday night. If you have info, please e-mail me with confirmation.

Update: Trev confirmed on X1FM that all of Sunday has been canceled, due to some problems getting the band's equipment to Tijuana. Looks like all you ticketholders can make it to Independence Jam after all. I will post refund information when I track it down, but seems to me that people who bought a 3 day pass are probably screwed. If I hear any different, I'll update via Twitter.

Update 2: I'm gonna rescind the "confirmation" as I now hear things are still trying to be worked out. I have a really hard time believing that equipment can't get from Iceland to Tijuana in 4-6 days. Sigur Ros is also scheduled for two other dates in Mexico this week. No word on if those dates are affected by this snafu, but I'll continue to update if I hear anything.


Lodi said...

Please keep us updated! I really wanna go!!!

anarko0 said...

it's official, sigur ros canceled in Tijuana..

tijuana concert cancelled
4 June 2008

sigur rós have had to cancel their appearance in tijuana, mexico, that was scheduled to take place on the 8th of june. further information will be announced today. apologies to everyone for any inconvenience caused.


anarko0 said...


Por cuestiones de logística ajenas a la productora local, Sigur Ros no podrá estar a tiempo en su fecha asignada a la ciudad de Tijuana, por lo cual será pospuesta para el mes de Septiembre su presentación programada para el día 8 de Junio en Planeta Tijuana.

Esta decisión fue tomada directamente por los agentes de Sigur Ros por temor de una supuesta inseguridad del traslado de sus instrumentos y equipo de audio por aerolíneas comerciales mexicanas.

A partir del día lunes 9 de Junio aparecerá anunciado en la pagina oficial de www.dtowntijuana.com la fecha exacta de su presentacion, a la cual podran ingresar con su boleto adquirido para el 8 de Junio.

Las presentaciones de los días viernes 6 y sábado 7 no se verán afectadas por lo cual todos los actos y artistas continuaran con sus presentaciones publicadas.

18secb4sunrise said...

I understand everyone's disappointed about the cancellation/reschedule on the Tijuana show. Me and my friend went down for the show and discovered at the venue gates there wasn't going to be a show. Needless to say we were incredibly let down. At the gate there were fliers for the site to view new dates. http://www.dtowntijuana.com/ is the link, there were discrepancies with the weight of the bands equipmnent and req's of Mexico commercial airlines apparently. The new dates appear to be on the first weekend of Sept. Keep the faith everyone, Sigur Ros is still my favourite band of all time as they hopefully are yours.