Monday, June 16, 2008

Checking In from Vegas: Monday

We're switching hotels today; leaving downtown and heading to the Strip, so I don't know what my wi-fi situation will be but I'll do my best to get listings up this week. I was hoping to take this week to catch up on emails, load all those digital downloads up to my iTunes, and some general blogger housekeeping, but unfortunately that hasn't happened. I did use all of Sunday to read The Gum Thief by Douglas Coupland while my family did their thing, so at least I accomplished something I set out to do while I was here. Vegas isn't very relaxing. Did I mention I'm in a room with my parents, my sister, my Godsister and my niece?? I miss my bed. Also, it was 108 here yesterday so I didn't even dare go outside. I'm such a wuss.

We've changed our vacation plans slightly; instead of Disneyland on Thursday, we're going to Knott's Berry Farm (significantly cheaper) since Claudia, my 9 year old God-sister has never been there. That means I'll come home that night instead of Friday morning, so I'll be at the Casbah after dropping off my rental if any generous soul wants to give me a lift home.

We're off to eat, check out, and I'll explore the facilities at the other hotel. Fingers crossed for wi-fi.

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