Wednesday, October 29, 2014

An Update on The Che Cafe at UCSD

The following is a message from The Che Cafe with an update of their eviction from the UCSD campus. While I can't say as a 38 year old woman, I don't spend much time at the Che these days, but it was definitely a destination for me and my friends through high school, into college, and even beyond college. One of my favorite shows of my life, Shelter, was at the Che, as was this amazing performance art piece by Zach de la Rocha preceeding an Inside Out show. It is also the first place I ever got to see Rocky Votolato, who as you may well know by reading this site, is one of my all-time favorite musicians. If you can make it out to support any of the activities of the Che as they fight this out in court, please represent for all us veterans who hoped the torch would be passed on for Millenials and post-Millenials and beyond. Full text of the update below with links, dates, and information to help.

Message from the Collective: An Update On The Current Status of the Che Cafe

davide carpano
San Diego, CA
Oct 29, 2014 —

Dear Friends of the C.H.E. Cafe,

This email is to provide you with a quick update on the C.H.E. Cafe in light of the UCSD administration's recent legal attack and attempt to evict the Collective from the space.
As you are well-aware, the C.H.E. Cafe (originally, "Cheap, Healthy Eats") (the "Che") has been a student-run, cooperative, all-ages, sober cafe, venue, and creative space on the campus of UCSD since 1980. For thirty-four years, the Che has promoted socially-conscious thought, hosted new ideas, musicians, and artists, and nurtured the DIY (do it yourself) spirit. It has allowed people of all ages to experience culture and diversity in a positive, progressive, safe environment. In this way it has become an iconic, historical space in San Diego.

As you may also know, UCSD filed an eviction notice to shut down the Che. Last week, a judge ruled for the University, giving it the right to proceed with a lockout. Contrary to what the University expected, the Che, its community, and its supporters are not going to fold. The attempted eviction has spurred us into action and we are asking you to join us in continuing this fight. Some examples of the exciting things happening now are below.
This morning, a Save the Che rally of 100 people met and marched to give the University chancellor a copy of the petition that you and 14,000 other people signed. The chancellor was not available to take them, and we promised that if we don't hear from him in a week, we will be back. Further details on further protests will be available in the near future.

Tomorrow, 10/29/14, at 8:45 a.m. in Judge Bacal's court room, 330 W. Broadway (downtown San Diego), Department 69, the Collective's attorney will present a challenge to the court's ruling, a proposed statement of decision, and the evidence relied on. Please come to court if you can. Like all our court cases, the more people we have to represent us, the better. Please remember to dress appropriately for court.

Tomorrow evening, UCSD's Associated Students will vote on a proposed resolution to support the Che Cafe. Like the court date, we would be greatly helped by a demonstration of support.. The meeting is at 6:00 pm on the fourth floor of the Price Center on the UCSD campus. Following that meeting, we will be having a show at the Che Cafe. Having a fun time in the space is as much a part of the struggle as anything, and we invite anyone supportive of the Che to come party.

This Friday, October 31st (exact time TBA, but likely starting at 3:00 p.m.), there will be a know-your-rights workshop by civil rights attorney and USD law professor Alex Landon to provide training and information to those of us who will engage in more protests and civil disobedience to stop the Che's eviction. Frankly, the UC has already demonstrated that they're willing to fight dirty in their efforts to shut down the Che, and we want to ensure that everyone is informed and empowered if the UC continues to exert their power at our expense. We will likely be holding a legal observer training that day as well, if you would like to learn how to be an effective witness when there is a protest/civil disobedience action.

Various other actions and fundraisers are planned, so please stay tuned! If you are unable to come out in person, please consider lending your support with a letter, email, or phone call to the administration (links below), and/or making a donation (link also below). We also greatly appreciate your comments, re-tweets, blogs, likes, words of encouragement, agit-prop ideas, and any other actions in solidarity!

Thank you for helping to ensure that the Che Cafe can continue to entertain, feed, and inspire people as it has for 34 years!

For more information and to lend your support, please go to:

In Solidarity,

The Che Cafe Collective

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