Tuesday, October 07, 2014

2014 San Diego Music Award Winners

Last night was a blast, I'm only sorry that I didn't have enough time to mingle and say hi to everyone I wanted to see. Congratulations to all the nominees and winners and thanks to everyone in the community who helps build this incredible music scene in San Diego.

Best Cover Band – Cash'd Out

Best Jazz – Gilbert Castellanos

Best Jazz Album – Nathan Hubbard - Encinitas and Everything After

Best Singer/Songwriter – Sierra West

Best Blues – Robin Henkel

Best Blues Album – Rebecca Jade & the Cold Fact - self titled

Best Americana – Trouble in the Wind

Best Americana Album – The Midnight Pine - Buried

Best Hip Hop – Odessa Kane

Best Hip Hop Album – The Lyrical Groove - Spoken Soul

Best Pop – Nicky Venus

Best Pop Album – Gayle Skidmore - Sleeping Bear

Best Alternative – Dead Feather Moon

Best Alternative Album – The Burning of Rome - Year of the Ox

Best Rock – The Paragraphs

Best Rock Album – The Donkeys - Ride the Black Wave

Best Hard Rock – Schitzophonics

Best Hard Rock Album – Earthless - From the Ages

Best Club DJ – DJ Artistic

Best World Music – Todo Mundo

Best World Music Album – Tribal Seeds - Representing

Best New Artist – Cody Lavaas

Best Local Recording – Triumph of the Wild - self titled

Best Live Performer - The Burning of Rome

Best Music Video by a San Diego Artist - Jason Mraz - Love Someone

Artist of the Year – Jason Mraz

Album of the Year – Little Hurricane - Gold Fever

Song of the Year – The Burning of Rome - God of Small Things

Lifetime Achievement Award – Tomcat Courtney

San Diego Music Industry Award – Bob Taylor/Taylor Guitars

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