Sunday, July 20, 2008

Von Iva & Astra Heights at U-31, 7.9.08

After Rooney, Longsley, and The Bridges at House of Blues, I made my way to North Park. I walked in as Astra Heights was mid-set. I found Erika and she pointed out some changes at the bar, including digital lights, which was a nice change from all the dark venues I've been attempting to take photos at of late. I still hope Jake or Justin fix the gels at the Casbah soon because I don't think I can take any more of the all red & blue there. Tim Mays was at the U-31 show and I think I mentioned it, but I'll have to bring it up again some other time.

I liked Astra Heights a lot- good energy onstage and they were really nice after their set. I'll have to check them out again without so much distraction. (It had been too long since I'd had the chance to hang with Erika.)

I was glad I did not miss Von Iva, especially after reading the rave reviews from Port O'Brien's blog. And, while it was no centuries year old cathedral, they killed it at U-31. The singer channels something really deep when she sings, like a 60's blues singer, while keeping it fresh and modern with a nice dance feel created by a full all-girl band. They were hot. And, by the way, it was funny to note the singer's tight red pants were exactly the same as the bassist's from Longsley. Red is the new black?

The girls from Von Iva were nice enough to give me a CD which I've been rocking a lot. I'm only sorry it took so long to post about it all...

More pics of Astra Heights and Von Iva when you click "keep on reading".

Astra Heights

Von Iva

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