Friday, July 25, 2008

Wanna See Royal Crown Revue?

The Derby Dolls have partnered up with Live Nation and House of Blues to present a free performance from Royal Crown Revue this Saturday. The ladies will be on their skates cruising downtown and handing out tickets during the Zombie Walk, but if you wanna catch the show (and the ladies on skates) and can't make it downtown, you can contact the San Diego Derby Dolls via their MySpace page and they'll hook you up.

Thanks to Karma Elektra for the head's up, and if you wanna see a great list of other things to do in San Diego this weekend, check out her blog.

(By the way, Royal Crown Revue was the band that I did a swing dance performance to in my high school talent show with 7 other couples. Ask me about the time I faceplanted while rehearsing. Wonder if I can track down that video....)

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