Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Johanna Franciszka, 1 year old

A post for my family, click 'keep on reading'.

Dear Johanna-
It has been a year since you entered this world and how you have changed our lives. In the year that you were born, your aunt Claudia moved across the country but she was able to hold you in your first days and you have really bonded with her with all the time you've spent with her this summer. Your Uncle Eddy and Aunt Melissa got the chance to meet you, too, right before he was sent to Iraq. Shortly after that, we got the news that you have a cousin on the way and we look forward to you being a big cousin come December. You spend your days with your Grandma and Grandpa, and I know that if they could spend every second of every day with you, they would, but it would probably make your mommy and daddy a little crazy.

You have had a rough summer, with doctors poking and prodding you to find out why you're still so little, but after testing everything, it occurred to them that maybe you're just little. You eat everything. You like really weird stuff, sucking on the core of pineapple or those pickles from the NY Deli in Vegas. You're already a pretty experienced baby- you've been to Vegas what- four times now, and we need to get back in the habit of going to the zoo on weekends. You've also been to Arizona to visit your other grandparents a few times, as well as our fun trip to Knott's Berry Farm. You love the pool but aren't really happy with how cold the ocean can be. You've been to plenty of festival concerts already, and we take in street fairs whenever we can.

I particularly love your look. You stare at me- I think Claudia taught it to you- like you're looking through me, like I can't hide anything from you. When I say, "Don't judge me," it cracks you up. You're a quiet baby, observing everything around you. You already have friends at Ponce's who love seeing you every couple of weeks, and man, do you love their beans!

You've been standing for a while on your own, but you recently started walking, probably because you want to keep up with all the people always on the move around you. You are definitely one of us, as you can't stand to go to sleep early. You already know all the good stuff happens at night. You are always surrounded by people who love you, and all of our lives are better for having you in it.

Happy Birthday, Johannita. I love you.

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