Monday, July 07, 2008

My Weekend In Brief

What a great weekend in San Diego. I'm giving up dedicating my weekends to write because it's summer and there's way too much going on all the time, even if it involves watching a tv marathon on Bravo. (Yes, I confess) I did a whole bunch of fun stuff, but I've got pics to upload, so I'll leave it to just a summary for now, after the jump.

I still haven't written about last week's Anti-Monday League show, but it still warrants its own post, so I'll save that in my pocket for now. Tuesday was a writing day, Wednesday I hit the We Are Scientists show at the Casbah which was crazy fun but crazy crowded. You can get a much better review than I will ever write about that show over at ChickRawker's site here.
Thursday night started at TNT. Bad news there, as the city/SDPD cracked down and no longer allow the bar on the patio unless they provide fencing around it to create a "beer garden". This really sucks, as the bars are now only upstairs on the MoCA deck. Way to go, San Diego, and kill something that was a really good thing for a few years running. The bands were entertaining, but we didn't stay as late as might've if the patio was more hopping. Instead, I made my way to the Casbah for Jivewire and to see Kenan Bell. They were awesome, but I'll post pics about that. Just one thing I'll mention is that for the final song, I actually jumped onstage and played keyboards (2 keys, to be exact), so if you weren't there, you missed me demonstrating my utter lack of stage charisma.

For 4th of July, a couple friends and I hit up a delicious Mexican mariscos restaurant on Imperial, then I spent the day with my family at my sister's house in PB for a BBQ, then at Kate Sessions Park for fireworks. By the time I got dropped off at 11:30, I was beat and watched TV until I went to bed.

Despite not staying up as late as usual, I slept in on Saturday before tackling major house cleaning, doing some shopping, grilling, then heading to Bar Pink Elephant for Greg Gerding's book reading which came after Derby Dolls Burlesque on skates and a performance by Rich White Males. We didn't stay for Wild Weekend in hopes of catching Cabron at the Ken (and because I wanted to not drive) but instead only made it in time for Lilith Velkor which was cool but entirely too loud, so we just hung out at the bar and a couple friends came over afterward.

Today was mellow- I went to play soccer with friends, but they switched parks on me, so I just let my dog enjoy the park for a while before coming back home and vegging out (insert My Life On The D-List marathon here). Tonight I went to see Team Abraham and Roxy Jones at Beauty Bar before returning home and doing all those listings you see in the previous post.

So there you have it. I'll try and catch up with the show recaps this week, and also with a couple previews I should've also done this weekend but didn't quite get to. After only working 2.5 days last week, this week at work might very well kick my ass, but I've gotta do what I've gotta do, right? Off to slumber.


garth2 said...

I was at Casbah for Lion Amidst Scribes, Dreamtiger and The Gospel Retribution Choir. All three bands played great sets even though the crowd was pretty light. TGRC blew the roof off the joint...very tight, violent rock and roll with some sweet wailing vocals...think Dave Yow got smacked upside the head with a rockabilly pool cue.

how would you think that? who ever would?

garth2 said...

sorry to keep buggin you. me and my friends took some pics of dreamtiger (it's my girlfriend's band, that's her, desiree)
and I thought you'd enjoy.