Sunday, July 20, 2008

Weekend Recap (rewind) (7.11-12.08)

This is more of a diary post than a show review post, so read if you feel inclined, after the jump.

Thursday was not a good day. At all. Don't really wanna go into it, but after working late, I felt no motivation to do anything. So I didn't. By Friday, however, I was good to go. Only problem was that after a brain blip, I realized I was gonna have to stretch the little cash I had to last me through the weekend. This resulted in me being really, really stupid. I knew I was going to the Ken Club, so I had a beer and a shot before I walked. Then I arrived and my friend Todd took care of my first round at the bar. And another. The night seemed to keep going the same way.

Writer started off the night and sounded perfect. Seriously, with Justin on sound and Andy's gorgeous voice and lyrics, and Ely and Jaime hitting every note, the band was phenomenal. I didn't take pictures since I've captured them frequently lately, but don't sleep on this band. They'll be playing with Swim Party at the Whistle Stop this Friday for Swim Party's CD release.

The way my night was going, I didn't see The Howls or Lisa The Lush, and instead spent the rest of the night hanging out with my friends who were at the bar. Thanks to the generosity of friends, I got sufficiently inebriated and walked home at the end of the night.

Saturday was a lazy day, hung out with friends in the day, napped, cleaned, then decided to spend that night at home watching movies and writing.

Sunday I was up early for Claudia's birthday at Kate Sessions park. It was family day there, so there was a bounce house and an inflatable slip and slide (that I decided I was way too big to attempt). There was a band playing reggae- songs that are supposed to be reggae, and then covers of songs converted to reggae. I'm not really a fan of reggae. Still, it was fun and it was a day all about the kids. Claudia will be going home soon, so it was alittle bittersweet, but we tried to keep spirits up and enjoyed a day in the park.

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