Thursday, July 17, 2008

Google Ads

I just noticed that there is a John McCain banner ad being served on my site from Google Ads. I just wanted to say for the record, as if I haven't made it loud and clear, that I DO NOT IN ANY WAY ENDORSE JOHN MCCAIN. I am very much a Barack Obama supporter, and I would NEVER, EVER, NEVER EVER endorse John McCain or the Republican party. Not to mention that the banner question about presidential candidates meeting with leaders (Ahmedinejad in the photo) unconditionally is completely misleading. Sorry, I just had to set that record straight.


Unknown said...

You have an ad for "San Diego Luxury Apartments" too. If Google thinks this is directed advertising, their system may need a bit of work.

Lazy John said...

Google obviously doesn't disaggregate by social interest, just as local jukebox dealers don't disaggregate by neighborhood or clientele. Just ask the people at Lancers, who've had to fight off repeated attempts to put Fleetwood Mac and Britney Spears on their jukebox because "those artists do well in San Diego" (meaning PB and the suburbs).