Sunday, July 13, 2008

We Are Scientists, Morning Benders, The Blood Arm @ Casbah 7.2.08

I was really excited about the We Are Scientists show at the Casbah on 7.2., particularly because they were interviewed live earlier in the day on and not only did they do a live performance, but they were really engagingin the interview, which I thought would translate well on stage.

I got to the Casbah as The Blood Arm was finishing their set. From what people told me, I didn't miss much, but as I was waiting to order a drink from Ben, the singer jumped off the stage and made his way on the bar. He was right in front of me, and when he jumped off, I caught him from falling. This bar dance didn't compare to my favorite bar climber of all time- Har Mar Superstar, but it was a good effort.

I was happy to see The Morning Benders again. These guys tour relentlessly and their deserve all the blog love they get. I think this was the 4th or 5th time I've seen them in the last year. I joked with Chris, the singer, that I wanted to see him jump on the bar like The Blood Arm did. "I don't think that's really our style," he said. He's still really shy, but I've definitely noticed the band letting loose a bit more in their performances, and it appears that they really benefitted from their recent tour with The Kooks.

After The Morning Benders' set, I hung out on the patio for a while and they had a really long set change. By the time I made my way back in, the crowd was packed up to the front. A couple friends allowed me to scoot in a bit, but between my awkward angle and the still awful light gels, my pictures all look about the same- dark and mostly of hair. Still, I was getting all dancy pants with the crowd. As Lyn wrote, the set change was altered a bit, but here's a picture of what had been planned, along with the band pics.

After the show, we closed down the bar and let's just say, it was a good thing that Thursday was a half day at work.

The Morning Benders hanging on the patio:

Oh, almost forgot- these are a couple more pics, courtesy of Kerrie & Ryan.

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