Thursday, July 31, 2008

YouTube + Politics = MoveOn

My disdain for McCain is no secret and his latest ads make my stomach tie in knots. As a member of MoveOn I was asked to donate money to get an ad on tv to counter McCain's claims that offshore drilling is the cure for our energy crisis, but my pockets are empty, so at least I can do my part by posting the video here. I honestly have no idea how anybody could conceivably support McCain for president. Really, it just floors me.

Please excuse this political interruption. Back to music...

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Anonymous said...

Well the opposite strikes me---I cannot understand how anyone could support Obama for president. McCain is far from being my ideal candidate, since, among other things I know it is just a matter of time until he works with all the libs and grants amnesty to all of the illegals in this country. As for the oil issue, I would like to hear your better solution. Reducing our dependence on foreign oil is urgently needed. And don't suggest the "reduce use" thing. Jimmy Carter already tried that one 30 years ago and it didn't work. Do you remember, or aren't you old enough?