Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Port O'Brien, The Builders And The Butchers, What Laura Says @ Casbah 7.7.08

Yes, I'm only a week behind in posting. It's gonna be a busy week ahead so I don't know how much of last week I'll even get to, and admittedly, it's a little challenging coming home from a great show tonight from Joanie + Secretaries to try and write about what I was doing a week ago, but I'll do my best.

I arrived early to the Casbah for last week's Anti-Monday League because of Brooke's recommendation. She commented that she'd seen What Laura Says at SXSW and said they were not to be missed. Immediately upon my arrival I noticed one thing about the crowd- it was about 80% male and it seemed everyone had a beard. Thank god I've overcome by fear of beards (known as pogonophobia, according to Google), because all three bands were deliciously entertaining.

What Laura Says (Thinks and Feels) started off the night. Someone noted that they're 'a jam band for grown-ups'. Their instrumentation and harmonies were perfect. They even had a table of mixed tin cans and jars that they used as percussion. At times I thought that this was the band that Flight of the Conchords would be if they weren't a parody music act- if Brett and Jemaine took themselves seriously, they'd probably sound like What Laura Says. I was especially happy to meet them and their manager after their set, and then a few days after the show to get the promo CD in my mailbox. Love when that happens, and it's just as great as they were live. I just wish I had met them before and perhaps I wouldn't have been as shy as I was about taking pictures.

It was a really fun night at the Casbah (though when is it not for Anti-Monday League?) because I got to hang out with some people I hadn't seen in a while, like the guys from Transfer and The Silent Comedy. There's something infectious when really good bands appreciate the bands onstage, and I was feeling all the good energy at the Casbah.

The Builders and The Butchers took the stage second and though the singer was beardless, kept the vibe going from What Laura Says. A little more serious, perhaps, but equally full and rich sounding. I especially loved the banjo and mandolin. There was something about them that made me think a tour with Two Gallants might really work for them- that emotive shouting with a slight quiver in the voice fit right with them. Plus, it would only take a couple more shows for San Diegans to find the right sing along moments to their music.

While the bands changed over it was back to the patio. I am such a lucky girl to hang with the beautiful people. (Josh & Justin from The Silent Comedy; Cooper & Matt from Transfer)

Any of these bands playing alone would've made for a good show- the three put together made for quite a fabulous night. Port O'Brien closed out the night and they continue to impress me everytime I see them. As if their CD isn't perfect (which arrived in the mail shortly after their last show at Beauty Bar), their live show just blows me away every single time they're in town.

I've already uploaded the videos from the night, so click my YouTube link in the column for some (dark) videos of awesomeness, but here are some pics of Port O'Brien (and more after the jump).

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