Wednesday, July 30, 2008

San Diego Sports Club- SOLD!

I can't even begin about how much catching up I have to do with this website. Seriously, it's the best full time job ever, and yet I don't get paid. Something is wrong with this equation, but nonetheless, I love it and I can't imagine a time when I'm not thinking about fifty other things I need to post about.

So anyway, I got a call from Tony V. at the San Diego Sports Club last night so I decided to pay him a visit tonight where he spilled all the details to me. The San Diego Sports Club has officially been sold. I say 'officially' because it was put on the market a couple months ago but a couple buyers fell through, but now it is official that two guys have partnered and bought the place.

The last official night as it is will be August 22nd and the club will certainly go out with a bang, with DJs, burlesque, perhaps some bands and whatnot. The new owners plan on keeping the bar open and slowly transitioning to their new vision, which might be a nightly burlesque spot. Tony says that other than some bathroom revamping, the club will stay mostly as it is. The new owners, not only buy the bar, but buy the cabaret license that allows for live shows, up to and including burlesque, so there is a chance if you show up in September there will be live dancers nightly. Neal is expected to stay on board as the sound engineer as well as booking talent, and much of the staff will transition and stay with the new club, which as yet, is still to be named the San Diego Sports Club.

That all is to be seen. What is fact is that Tony is taking off to LA to pursue his comedy and acting gigs and the Sports Club is changing hands. I've got plenty more info to write about all of this but it will come slowly in the coming weeks as more news is revealed. And yes, I will have it all covered.

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