Sunday, July 27, 2008

Are Robots Evil? Satanic Puppeteer Orchestra might be your answer

Petro has been wondering, are robots evil?

Well yes sometimes they are, like when they try to take over the world, but sometimes they are good too, like when they are helping you make music. What I’m getting at here is that there is a pretty cool band in our sunny little burb that I have been getting into recently called Satanic Puppeteer Orchestra. It consist Professor B. Miller and SPO-20, a robot who handles the singing duties. “Wow”, you say, “…but Petro, that name kind of scares me, I mean it has satanic right in the title, wouldn’t that alone make this band evil?” Well no, its just name, they’re probably not satanists. And to this you reply “Well also Petro, the band has a robot, who is the lead singer, and everybody who’s anybody knows that people who want to be lead singers are inherently evil because they want to take over the world” Well, no, maybe, no, no I don’t think so, anyways, your probably thinking about it too much. “but before you said…” Be quiet you!

Anyhoo, I just bought their debut CD, a very impressive four CD box set, complete with a lovely booklet explaining much inside, and some wonderful art. Also, my copy came with a limited edition EP which had a personalized message from SPO-20 as the first track. Now would he have done that if he was evil? Hummmm? They can also be hear on last years San Diego Christmas compilation that Peter (Roxy Jones) put out. Further proof that they are not evil!

You can check them out live 07.30.08 at the Casbah, I’ll definitely be there. Oh, and by the way, if I’m never heard from again, they were probably evil.

Satanic Puppeteer Orchestra

If you've read this far, the Professor would like to give away some free box sets! Shoot me an email at sddialedin AT gmail DOT com and tell me if you think robots are evil (a simple yes or no will suffice), include your name, e-mail, address and phone number and I'll pick 3 winners by Tuesday.


Lazy John said...

Rosey, I want to see a blog posting about the death of Starbucks in Midtown. Case in point:



A E I O U Robot

Asmio is our bestest best robot at the moment. It looks like a backpacking astronaut, don’t even talk. What’s all this about?

And what the hell is Robosapien. It meanders ineptly in a finite simulation of a constipated pensioner; it should be on an American football team’s reject bench whisking Gatorade with those hands. His limited dialogue consists of belching and gorilla warbles. This is "The robot that thinks it's a human!" He’s not even as useful as a cup holder. Robosapien crushes your cup. Everything this thing does has to be pressed by a dejected adolescent.

These two aren’t the ones I want. No one should want these, they’re expensive fraudsters. Robots shouldn’t have remote controls and need a technician every two nanoseconds, my robots, “are alive, Stephanie.”

The technological singularity intends to solve this for everyone, well kind of. Imagine Asmios great, great grandchild, Miasmo. Miasmo’s brainy. It’s the equivalent of an amphetamine addled Jeremy Paxman brain incased in carbon fibre. With that power and intelligence he could theoretically build an improved version of himself. That one builds another super version and ten generations later the robots themselves have to design new names to replace begger-mega-stupendee-owso while we have become the best polishers in the galaxy.

This prediction has a lot of people in a flutter. Ok step back, right you know building robots that make better and better robots unrestricted by our meddling psyches is a leap of misunderstanding. We humans historically fuck with anything and everything until it’s redundant or shit and redundant. Simply, It won’t work because we’re a part of it.
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