Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Culture: Adapta Project Presents 'A Room Of One's Own'

I realize this is a straight up press release, but this is a pretty cool event coming up, put on by the Adapta Project (including my homegirl Kinsee from CityBeat). Plus there's a free shuttle from San Diego on 7/19.

'A Room of One's Own: Intimate Art in Contemporary Space'

An upcoming one-week exhibit (July 19 – 27) will open on Saturday, July 19, 5 - 11 p.m. at Terra Sur, a new residential resort community, south of San Diego near Rosarito Beach, Mexico and will offer a masterful blend of contemporary art and modern architecture created by some of the bi-national region's most talented artists and architects.

Organized by the curatorial upstarts at Adapta Project, this first-of-its-kind art show transforms the various rooms and spaces of an ultramodern multi-story beachfront home into various multi-sensory experiences featuring new installations, paintings, performance pieces, audio and video displays by internationally renowned artists including Tania Candiani, Aldo Guerra, Mely Barragan, Daniel Ruanova and others.

Click "keep on reading" to keep on reading and for details on free shuttle from San Diego

The site-specific artworks represent the Baja region and the subjects of ownership and identify, in the model home of a community designed by some of Southern California and Baja Mexico's most elite architects including Rob Wellington Quigley, who most recently created the new award-winning downtown San Diego Children's Museum, and Guillermo Martinez de Castro ("Mannix"), who crafted the colorful Festival Hotel and Entertainment Center in Rosarito Beach.

At 'A Room of One's Own: Intimate Art in Contemporary Space,' patrons will get a glimpse of the talents of some of the emerging and established artists based in Tijuana, Estonia, and Mexico City, as well as gain a better understand of why Baja California has a growing reputation around the world as a cultural and artistic capital.

The unveiling celebration of "A Room of One's Own" on July 19 will include artists in attendance and music. Reservations are requested at

A free shuttle service will be available from San Diego; shuttle reservations are required by emailing and space is limited (check for more details).

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