Monday, July 21, 2008

FM 94/9 About the Music feat. Republic of Letters & The Duke Spirit 7.15.08

Tuesday night was a great night. Petro & Andy picked me, we picked up Eric from his place and headed up to the Belly Up. I was looking forward to seeing The Duke Spirit, but mostly because I love the way Republic of Letters sounds on the stage. With a designated driver, I was stoked to see the Belly Up reinstated their 'beer of the month', so we couldn't pass on Dos Equis for $3. We hung outside for a while until Republic of Letters took the stage. The set was great and because it was an "About the Music" show the venue was packed. It made for a great showing for Republic of Letters and I was proud of their set. They played some new songs and it looks like they'll be recording soon. For some reason there were no front stage lights for their entire set, so you'll have to checkout pics on their MySpace page, but I did post video of them here.

After their set, we hung back outside, and by the time we re-entered the venue, it was insanely packed. I liked The Duke Spirit, but I didn't love them. They're good at what they do, there are just a lot of bands doing what they do...The Ting-Tings, The Noisettes, and Killola come to mind. As it was, their CD was a grower for me- it took several listens to get into it. This is as close as I got to the stage.

With that many people crowding the venue, and Petro having to work early the next morning, we stayed for about half the set. On our way out, I ran into Daye, and he suggested I stay and catch a ride home from him, so I did, but we ended up standing in front of the Belly Up catching up with friends for the remainder of the night.

After he dropped me at home, Dag texted me, so we met for a nightcap at the Ken where all my neighborhood buddies were hanging out. Needless to say, I was asleep before my head hit the pillow.

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