Sunday, July 20, 2008

Missed The Boat: Newsy Bits

I'll be brief because I need to get some sleep but wanted to note a couple things :
  • For those lucky people "in the know" or who happened to spend Friday at Bar Pink Elephant, The Night Marchers played a special show. I was at the Johnny Rad Fest at the Ken Club, but I heard it was a great night.
  • The Radio Room opened tonight. I really look forward to checking out the former Zombie Lounge. I just hope Chris is better about posting shows at the new spot than he is for Kadan because I'd like to keep the venue in my weekly listings.
  • Comic-Con is just a few days away and San DIego is buzzing. All 4 days are now sold-out. I heard a rumor that Saturday is going to be a real treat, but alas, I'll just have to follow the tweets since I won't be there. One year of madness was good enough for me.

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