Monday, July 21, 2008

Halloween in July?

Naw, that would just be silly! The candy corns would get all melty and get your hands all sticky, and you would probably not have any wet naps to clean them, because really, who carries wet naps these days, well maybe if you have individually wrapped hard candies in you purse you might, but I digress. No friends, there will be no Halloween in July, we’re still going to save it for October, but this year, let me tell you, when it comes, it’s going to be extra special for us San Diego folks!

Our friend Peter from the exceptional local band Roxy Jones will be putting together a compilation Cd/zine of local bands and writers with a loose Halloween theme. Last Christmas he put together an exceptional comp, and with the help of Bluefoot Bar released it for free. Yeah, that’s right, it was FREE. Let me tell you something folks, free is something you just can’t buy.

From the man himself:
It's a comp of only local bands/artists/writers. It all has to be loosely themed about Halloween/spooky shit/horror/dark/you get the point. Music can be original or cover songs. Cover songs are first come first serve, so if you know what cover song you want to do, let me know ASAP so no one else will do it. It is preferable that the songs be previously unreleased. The comp will also come with a zine of spooky stories and artwork by locals. If you or anyone you know would like to contribute to that part, it would be awesome.

“Man” you say to yourself, “that sounds so rad, but I don’t play, write or art, but I still soOoo wish I could be part of this…” Well my friend, no worries! Once everything comes together Peter will need some help to manufacture/assemble/print/press/stack somewhere between 500 and 1000 copies.

Once these babies are in the bag there will be a giant party and they will be distributed for, you guessed it, free! I have a sneaky, sneaky feeling, roughly the lower cackle area, that this baby is shaping up to be just as amazing! Please e-mail hoistudios AT gmail DOT com if interested. Also, if you see Peter out and about, please tell him how rad he is for putting in so much hard work to do something so cool for us!


Sara said...

So... um... how do you get involved/submit?

Rosemary Bystrak said...

it's in there... email hoistudios AT gmail DOT com.

Danger Duck said...

This is peter. Thanks for gearing up some excitement for this year's fun little project. I thought that it was really great how so many people in the music community out here got together for last year's comp. It was so great that we're doing it again!
I just wanted to chime in and make sure that everyone gets the props they deserve.....Last years cd would have not even been an idea if not for Drew Andrews. It was something we were talking about for a while before the ball actually got rolling.
This year, james from Trashcan Fires has been pushing to make this one for halloween. What a great idea! Duh!
Also, the whole of the assembly and cd burning process was done at their house (TCFs). Petro and some other people came and helped hand wrap all 400 with us!!!!! There is no way that it would have come together at all (it was so last minute that time), without everyone's enthuseasm to submit work and make it happen. And of course Adam of Bluefoot get a giant thumbs up for paying for all of it. And SD Rosey took an early interest in promoting it, in this blog and in the smittybeat.
This year we all have some extra time to get our shit together and make it awesome, so BANG! off to the races! Let's have fun!
Ok, email me if you have any questions....I just wanted to write real quick to make sure that ya'll knew that it wasn't so much my project.....but all of ours......

Danger Duck said...

Oh shit, I totally forgot to mention that Adam Vieyra pretty much designed the whole thing and stayed up way late a couple of nights at kinko's trying to get everything together....which brings me to a funny story that I'll share now.

When we got to the point last year of being done arranging all the songs that would be on the disc, it was time to start burning copies. Four hundred of them, to be exact. Not a small task, even at 16x, and no number of people can help you. Unless you have atleast as many computers.
So at the Treehouse (RIP), we had my laptop, their laptop, and Adam's laptop. Plus there were people working on the same thing at two other houses. The story is only worth typing or reading because of Adam's laptop....Or more specefically, how I borrowed it.
Adam was stuck at work, so he couldn't help burn cd's in this, the final crazy day before we were supposed to be done.
"Just go over to my house and grab my computer. It should be all ready to go," he told me over the phone.
"Is anybody else home?" I asked.
"Yeah, Bret and John should both be there. Just tell them I said it's cool."
So I did as asked, but when I arrived at the house, it appeared dormant. I attempted knocking and ringing several times to no avail. Then I opened the door, partly because we were all good friends, but mostly because it was unlocked.
And there it was, an apple laptop, laying on the couch and ready to go. Just as promised.
No answer. For whatever reason, I still didn't quite feel comfortable taking the computer off the couch unless someone there knew where it was disappearing to. So I tried calling John but got no answer. Then I called Ace (adam) again and explained that no one was home, but the front door was wide open. He told me to just take it, his voice expressing his distaste for being bothered at work.
So again, I did as I was told. I opened the front door and crept into my friends unoccupied dwelling like a theif. Quietly and softly, taking the time to stare all their belongings like a spy. It was the same stuff that was always there, but it's kinda neat to observe it again in solitude......Hmm, I didn't remember there being a tripod in the middle of the room.
The computer was sitting pluged in on the armrest of the sofa. I unplugged it and made my escape.
I would find out within the next hour, that I actually was a theif. I hadn't taken Ace's computer. I had taken Brett's. They were in the middle of a photo shoot in the back yard, moving tripods and cameras in and out of the house....Using the computer to edit photos....The laptop out of site for mere minutes before WHAM!....Theifed. Right from your own living room.
They later told me that they spent a whole ten minutes panicking, and being angry, before one of them decided that it must have something to do with me (these things often do).
Right as I was about ready to get to work on the task at hand, I recieved a phone call. The voice on the other end was trying hard not to sound presumptive or accusitory.
"Hey Peter, it's John......Um did you maybe, uh come over to our house....and uh...grab Brett's laptop......earlier?"
"Holy Shit! Brett's laptop?!?!?"

After a quick return to the scene of the crime, everything was set straight. I was very embarrassed and appologetic, but they seemed to just be happy that nobody actually STOLE the computer. They went back to shooting photographs, and before I left, "Hey John, do you think you could burn like 50 cd's for me?"
And him and Brett both spent much of their evening burning copies of "Stay Merry, San Diego"
What Pals!