Friday, August 01, 2008

Overdue Recap: Chikita Violenta & Summer Darlin, Beauty Bar, 7.21.08

I have already posted video from the show Summer Darlin and Chikita Violenta show at the Beauty Bar a couple weeks back. If you missed them, check out my YouTube page, but I never really got around to writing about this show. I had already planned on checking out the show, but was further nudged when I found out Writer would be playing with Summer Darlin the following night in LA. The implicit endorsement of a band by Writer wins me over every time; I love them and trust their judgment. The band did not disappoint. In fact, right from the get go, Dagart and I looked at each other in amazement; this band kicked ass. The male vocals were gorgeous and the girl reminded me of Emily from Bunky, with a sweet voice that added to the balance of their indie rock sound. You can check out their MySpace page here.

After their set, we checked out their merch and they were selling music on flash drives, which was pretty cool because it is preloaded with two EPs and they promised that if you buy one and bring it to future shows, they'll add their new music indefinitely at future shows when its available. Smart plan.

Chikita Violenta is a band from Mexico City and this was their first stop of their tour. Other than a past appearance at South By Southwest, this was their first time playing a US tour and the buzz they've received is well deserved. They seemed so happy to be there and it was infectious, and it helped that they sounded great, too. I've been seeing so many different bands lately and while I'm open to various styles of music, it's nice for me to just see melodic indie rock because that's really where my heart is. Check out their MySpace page and keep your fingers crossed that they grace us with another tour soon. They are not to be missed.

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