Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Kinda Sorta Weekend Recap

I felt so behind in posting that I decided it was a non-photo weekend, and now I feel weird posting without pics, but since this is as much my diary as anything else, I've got some rambling to do. After the jump.

After Warped Tour, I was regretfully too tired to hit the Casbah on Thursday night, and my day at work on Friday was so taxing that I was ready to let loose. I decided on The Whistle Stop to see Jake play. Unfortunately I got there too late to see John Meeks, but since Grampa Drew decided to take the longest set change ever for a solo musician- close to, if not more than an hour- it gave time to catch up with Daye and John and some other people who were there. I got a chance to talk to Dave from CityBeat and he verified that Nathan Dinsdale was leaving CityBeat. This was no secret considering there were ads for the position on Craig's List as far back as two weeks, so I think we'll see some changes there soon, if not already. I'll keep the rest of that conversation to myself for now, but you can just look at the new issue to see what's up.

Grampa Drew did eventually get around to playing, standing on a wooden box with holes in it and lights underneath, which was triple purpose in creating somewhat of a visual effect (was there a fog machine underneath?), lifting him high enough to be seen from the other side of the bar, and to be used as a stompbox. He played one man acoustic music, and did it well, including an acoustic version of a Transfer song, but then he lost me when he played "Jane Says". I don't know why, and I have no emotions tied to Jane's Addiction, but I really don't like when people play it as a cover. So I escaped outside, then to the patio, then to the bar, back to the patio and so it went until Blackout Party played.

Even without Tim on flute, they sounded pristine. I watched their full set and then after raced back to the Ken in hopes of catching Apes of Wrath, but got to the Ken as they were loading out. Boo. Next time. I went home and called it a night.

I chilled around the house on Saturday until it was time for a party at Alix & Justin's. I got there around 6 and ended up staying till nearly midnight, sharing music like "no, really, you have to hear this!" After that I made my way to the Ken where Altaira had reunited for a show, but instead I sat at the bar with friends, and when it came time for closing, I went to a party which I promised I would not talk about here. No big deal, but some people like their privacy. Anyway, it was a good night, and resulted in a late night and a whole Sunday doing nothing but catching up on shows and blog posts and e-mails and laundry and cleaning and grilling and all the things that I should have much more time to do on a regular basis, but I just don't.

So let's see, since I started this post on Monday I've been working the day job like mad, saw The Predicates at the Casbah on Tuesday followed by the Ken Club, got sick, felt better, and tonight saw Jeremy Enigk at the Casbah. Friday I'll be hitting the Jeff n Jer 20th anniversary party and the San Diego Magazine 'best of' party and perhaps The Donkeys CD release at The Whistle Stop. Saturday is all about SCMX, then Sunday I'll be at the Belly Up for Joshua Radin. Hopefully I'll find some time to clean house, to write, to rest, and to hang out with Pascha, because it's clear my baby is feeling neglected. This weekend cannot come soon enough.

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