Friday, August 01, 2008

Overdue Recap: FM 94/9 Local Showcase @ Casbah, 7.27.08

On Sunday, my parents picked me up and we met up with the girls, who were shopping on Garnet. We swapped out, they picked up Claudia and her friend, and the rest of us walked back to my sister's where we pretty much sat around catching up with family time. After most of the afternoon there, I was dropped off at the Casbah around 6:30, well in time to hang out, catch up with Pyles and Porter, grab some of the food from Lucha Libre, and see all the bands. Well, let's be honest, I didn't see all the bands, but I'll explain that in a minute.

I watched all of The Moviegoers set. I've been a huge fan of their EP for a few months now and was happy to see the positive response from people I talked to about the band and their first San Diego show. Since everyone was asking if they're local or not, I'll clarify and say they all met in college on the east coast and used to play parties and whatnot but were mostly a studio project. After everyone graduated, they moved around and all ended up on the west coast. You can read the full story on their MySpace page. they played around and decided to record songs. Most of the band is now San Diego based, except for the bassist, Jordan, who lives in LA. I thought they really impressed, especially for their first show here, and hope they plant their roots here for good because they definitely have something to contribute to the local music scene. (By the way, they're playing NXNP on Saturday with a showcase at The Whistle Stop)

The Moviegoers

I don't know what got in to me, but I started on beers that night, I guess vodka didn't seem right with the sun still out, but then I decided to move on to Jameson shots. Weird. Anyway, of course between bands I hung out with friends and watched Tim broadcasting live (and giving me huge shout-outs).

Everyone has told me about Fever Sleeves for some time, and I know I've seen them before but I decided to make sure I checked them out. For about 2 minutes. The thing was, I think I'd really like their music. But I have no idea for sure because they were so. freaking. loud. Seriously, I had ear plugs in, and couldn't hear shit except for a mish mash of over amplified instruments completely drowning out vocals. Now I remember why I've not reviewed them before. But hey, they sounded good from outside.

I got all chatty and was hanging out on the patio for most of their set, which carried into Syndicate's set so I ended up missing them save for hearing a bit of their dancey music from the patio.

Japanese Sunday closed up the night and so I was back in for most of their set, though the lights had been turned down so my pics didn't come out. I did take video, however, and I really dig this band a lot.

Japanese Sunday

Big thanks to Dagart for the safe ride home. Rosey + Jameson + Makers = pure silliness. Lesson learned.

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