Thursday, August 28, 2008

8.25.08 Buddy Akai, Head Like a Kite, Satanic Puppeteer Orchestra @ Casbah

Well, Monday was pretty fun, didn't really know what to expect since Buddy Akai played SoCo Festival on Saturday and must had a lot of there crowd there for the amazing $5 concert with about 10 bands playing all afternoon. But this is monday. I got to the Casbah about halfway through the Satanic Puppeteer Orchestra, which was what I really wanted to check out since it is obviously one of the more "unique" musical groups in SD. I had watched the video from after their last show, and to tell the truth I was disappointed. So I had to see it for myself. But unfortunately, the video was very accurate. You really are just staring at a giant hunk of metal, with a tiny TV Screen in its bellly, and then listening to very simplistic keyboard/midi-sounding pop music. I applaud them for taking a creative approach, but the show definitely needs more (either better music, dancing robot, more moving props, better light show, smoke machine, explosions, R2D2 C3PO guest appearances, etc.)

Next was Head Like a Kite, I beleive from Seattle?, they were electro rockers. I spent most of the time talking outside to Daye and Wendy while they played. There were a couple crazies at the Casbah that night (one guy flicked a cig at Wendy's hair, another guy looked like Chris Farley in a tucked in polo shirt and slacks, weird). While I was talking I could help but notice the band actually sounded good. I was shocked when I went inside to find only 2 guys playing. One on drums and one guy playing everything in-between (keys, computer,...) I was impressed with their performance, especially since it was only two guys. I feel like they could really benefit from a stobe light and/or fog/other stage props.

Lastly, Buddy Akai, they brought a lot of energy and the crowd was dancing to their electro-pop-rock music. It was good to see they still had some excitement at the Casbah, when two nights previous they were playing to between 500-1,000 (I am not good with numbers). They played well and seemed like a tight group. I thought any moment the disco lights would start spinning but they never did.

Overall I thought Head Like a Kite stole the show with their 2 man electro-rock performance.

P.S. It's too bad when one crazy dude can ruin the night for many. Skinny, glasses wearing, cig flicking dude was being a prick to everyone. Lame. Stay home next time.

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Tyler said...

I second the 'Head Like a Kite' suggestion. Never heard of them before this post, but listening now, they have some sweet sound. Seeing it live would be great I imagine. Next time...