Friday, August 01, 2008

Overdue Recap: Hercules and Love Affair, Casbah, 7.25.08

I'm not even gonna lie- Friday was a day of really poor planning. About a month ago, Kristian asked me to go to Hercules and Love Affair with him. I've always trusted his music recommendations and a night at the Casbah is usually a no-brainer, but when I agreed, and subsequently worked out tickets for the show, I realized that I would be missing the Swim Party CD release party with Writer at the Whistle Stop.

After the day at work and taking a nap, I made my way to the Whistle Stop, knowing I would miss the show, but at least I could say hi and make appropriate apologies. It was so cool there- so many bands were present making for that family feeling that I love, which of course only made me sad that I was going to have to leave. When Kristian told me they were heading down around 10, I was pretty annoyed, because I knew the band wouldn't be starting until close to midnight and I could've at least caught some of the show at the Whistle. Not to mention he had agreed to drive and suddenly that plan changed and I had to drive myself. Yes, Kristian, I'm calling you out.

Anyway, I got to see three songs from Writer and missed the rest. I was sure someone would record the show, especially with Natalie playing with the band, Alex dedicating a song to me, and the big Writer/Modlins/Swim Party finale, but alas, not one camera, and no, Pete's :30 seconds of filming does not count.

To make matters worse, we got to the Casbah far too early. There was line at the door, and the band wasn't close to setting up. I tried to get over it and turned my mood around. Nobody likes a whiner. Anyway, after hanging out with friends, I was feeling better. Then shit kinda hit the fan.

Apparently Hercules and Love Affair had soundchecked earlier in the day. Sometime between the soundcheck and time to set up, one of their keyboards was damaged. There was an early show at the Casbah and nobody knows what happened, but it almost caused the band to cancel. It is some special vintage keyboard and the band was flipping out. The clock ticked as Tim tried to find anyone in SD with the same keyboard to no avail; in the meantime they called in Derek, some guy who works on vintage musical instruments. I will find out his full name and contact info because apparently the dude is a genius. A cancellation would've meant refunding a sold out show to everyone there, still paying the band, and paying for the keyboard. Not good.

Miraculously, nearing 12:30, word spread that the keyboard was fixed and the crisis was averted. I made my way into the venue to set up for some photos, and this sweetheart guy posed as my boyfriend, letting me worm in front of him. Hercules and Love Affair is a big gay dance party band, reminding me of my mom's brief but memorable disco period when I was a kid. The crowd loved it and danced their asses off. Me? Well, not so much. It was fun, no doubt, and the band certainly was unlike anything I've ever seen, but Swim Party and Writer will always be more my speed than a dance band and I really regret missing that show. I love my Kristian, but this one was a miss for me personally, though I definitely get why other people dig them.

Hercules and Love Affair Set List

My night wasn't bad, I did have fun with my friends at the Casbah for sure, and as I posted earlier in the week, I ended up at a couple friends houses and pulled an all nighter, so it wasn't bad by any means. And I know I'll get plenty of Writer and Swim Party shows to make up for the one missed show. But damn, people, doesn't anyone else take video of shows?

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